MoneyGram Money Transfer


With the help of MoneyGram you can send and receive money all over the world at both our locations. You have a few options in money transfer transactions. You can do a person-to-person transaction, where you receive or send money directly to someone. Direct-to-account is also an option, where you can send money to someone but instead of them going to pick it up from a MoneyGram agent, the money will be deposited direly to their bank account. The third option would be a cash-to-card transaction, where you can deposit money directly to your ATM card.

MoneyGram Bill Payments Services

Besides offering money transfer, we also offer Bill Payment Services through MoneyGram. This option enables you to make payments and pay your routine bills with a peace of mind. Some people just love to have a receipt in their hand that show they paid their bill. This is the option that provides you with that receipt and gives you another layer of security against late, misapplied, or not received payments. Bill Payment option also allows you to choose options based on the time sensibility of the bill that you are paying. You are guaranteed to find any major biller in our system that will enable you to make payments in the following industries: credit card, mortgage, auto finance, telecommunications, corrections, satellite, prepaid card and collections.

Money Orders


Money orders are the convenient and reliable way to pay. It allows you to use all the benefits of checks, without the need of a checking account. Considering that MoneyGram is the nation’s largest money order processor, reliability of this payment method is guaranteed. The following are only a few benefits provided to you when you use money orders: Safe way to pay bills and send funds through the mail. Widely accepted form of payment Receipt of transaction is traceableand refundable.