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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LA Currency Inc. charge any fees?
No, we do not charge fees for foreign currency exchange transactions. The foreign currency exchange rates found on our website are modified to reflect the precise value of each currency in real-time. By visiting our website, you may find out how much USD you will get for your foreign currency or how much USD you will need to purchase a particular foreign currency. Please make sure to refresh the browser frequently as real-time foreign exchange rates constantly fluctuate.
Does LA Currency Inc. provide parking?

Yes, we have parking available at all of our locations.

  • Free outdoor parking is available at our Van Nuys , Hollywood and Glendale branches.
  • Free parking is also available at our Beverly Hills branch, which is provided by the City of Beverly Hills.
  • Paid-public & metered parking you can find at our Downtown Los Angeles branch. The best place to park is the “Pershing square” parking lot which is just across of our store.
What are my payment options for foreign currency exchange transactions?
We conduct foreign currency exchange transactions on a cash for cash basis. However, debit card payments may be accepted for transactions up to $100 with a $3 transaction fee. Under limited circumstances, clients may be able to conduct debit card transactions over $100 with a 3% transaction fee.
Does LA Currency Inc. match rates?
We guarantee the best foreign currency exchange rates in Los Angeles! Moreover, we offer rate matching to our clients in order to carry out our promise. Clients who can provide proof of a better rate from a different institution will get that rate! Some exceptions may apply.
Are LA Currency Inc. rates competitive?
At LA Currency Inc., we take pride in providing our community with the best foreign currency exchange rates in Los Angeles! We actively monitor the international market and adjust our real-time foreign currency exchange rates to offer the most competitive prices. Nevertheless, clients are encouraged to contact us if they receive a better rate from another institution and we will do our best to verify and match the better rate.
How do I place an order for foreign currency?
We encourage all of our clients to call us prior to visiting one of our branches. Although we try to carry the most frequently traded foreign currencies in stock for walk-in clients, we recommend calling one of our branches to make sure we are prepared to serve your every need. Simply call one of our branches and inform one of our kind representatives that you are prepared to conduct a foreign currency exchange transaction. The LA Currency Inc. representative will provide you with all of the information you will need to conduct your foreign currency exchange transaction. We may request a small security deposit in order to place some orders and this payment may be made via cash, debit card, or credit card. The security deposit is nonrefundable, but the amount of the security deposit will be credited toward your total balance when you come to pick up your foreign currency.
Will LA Currency Inc. return my security deposit after I place my order over the phone?
The security deposit is NOT an additional fee! We request a security deposit in order to ensure that an order will be picked up. The security deposit can be considered a down payment. For example, Sam called LA Currency Inc. on Monday to request $1,000 USD worth of Fijian Dollars to be picked up on Friday. Sam is informed that based upon the foreign currency exchange rate at that moment, he will receive approximately $1,850 Fijian Dollars for his $1,000 USD. Since Fijian Dollars are not a commonly traded foreign currency, LA Currency Inc. must place a special in order to satisfy Sam’s request. Therefore, LA Currency Inc. will require a security deposit of $100 from Sam prior to placing his special order. After Sam makes his $100 security deposit, we will order the Fijian Dollars and have the foreign currency ready to be picked up on Friday. When Sam arrives at LA Currency Inc. on Friday, he will pay the remaining balance of $900 and he will receive $1,850 Fijian Dollars.
Does LA Currency Inc. buy old foreign currency notes or coins?
At LA Currency Inc. we do NOT deal with old/outmoded/non-redeemable foreign currency notes or coins. Also, we do not exchange foreign coins, we only exchange foreign currency notes. Under very limited circumstances, clients may be able to sell 1 Euro, 2 Euro, 1 British Pound, and 2 British Pound coins in limited quantities. Based upon LA Currency Inc. rates, these coins will be discounted an additional 30%.
What do I need to conduct a foreign currency exchange transaction?
  • If the transaction does not exceed $1,000.00 USD, we require a valid driver’s license, state ID, or any other type of valid government issued identification that includes a picture of the client.
  • If the transaction exceeds $1,000.00 USD, we require a valid government issued driver’s license or passport or state ID and a social security number or taxpayer identification number to conduct the transaction. A local US address of residence will also be required. For large transactions, other documents may also be required.
  • Note: Clients are not required to have their social security cards with them when they are conducting a transaction. They must simply input their social security number into our system database. Also, we retain copies of all the documents are required to conduct a particular transaction.

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